People v. Martinez

I represented a client named Marco Martinez. He came to see me because he was referred to me by someone who knew my experience, track record winning cases, and my committment to my clients. He had been arrested for multiple counts of child molestation. He was accused of molesting his two younger cousins. They all lived in an apartment in Santa Ana along with the girls’ parents and other siblings. The girls had given an elaborate story of being molested separately on different occasions. Marco was admant that he had not done that, and wasn’t sure why they would falsely accuse him. I could almost instantly feel his sincerity and honesty. I decided to take his case. Child molestation cases are the most difficult cases to defend for for obvious reasons. Everyone hates child molesters and it’s dificult to cross-examine child witnesses. We eventually proceeded to trial in front of Judge Marc Kelly. But before we started, the prosecutor was trying to coerce guilty pleas from my client. She threatened to add a “multiple victims” allegation that would subject Marco to life in prison if he was found guilty. I relayed that to Marco. He adamantly said no, he was not guilty, and was not interested in a plea in spite of the danger of a life sentence. The girls testified and made their “claims of molestation.” Their testimony was wildly exaggerated. Under cross-examination I showed that my client had gotten engaged right before they made their accusations. Prior to his engagement Marco was basically their “Taxi” service and their “errand boy.” After the engagment, he no longer had time for them and they were very unhappy with him. That was their motive to lie. Marco testified and was very truthful and believable. The jury believed him. The jury returned multiple verdicts of NOT GUILTY.

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