Cell phone cameras and justice

The Derek Chauvin trial is the perfect example of the effect of cell phone cameras on the justice system. If this occurred before cell phone cameras, there would be no criminal charges filed against Chauvin, and there would be no trial. Black Lives Matter [BLM] would not exist as we know it. The outrageousness of what Chauvin did would have gone unknown. It has been reported Chauvin had 18 prior complaints, including one where he put his knee on a minor’s neck. Unfortunately, if his prior complaints had been publicized, Mr. Floyd would likely be alive now. This country has prevented its citizens from finding out about police officer complaints for far too long. It’s time to do away with the secrecy. Additionally, many police departments make it so difficult to file complaints that the numbers of complaints are ridiculously artificially low. Hopefully, justice system change will be George Floyd’s legacy.

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