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People v. Martinez

I represented a client named Marco Martinez. He came to see me because he was referred to me by someone who knew my experience, track

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People V. Richardson

Defendant charged with POSSESSION OF A WEAPON IN A JAIL OR PRISON. Defendant who is a former professional football player who started on the Chicago

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People V. Maae

Defendant charged with FELON IN POSSESSION OF A GUN. Defendant stopped by police at the location of a disturbance. Defendant’s vehicle is searched and a

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People V. Aruda

Defendant charged with RAPE BY INTOXICATION WITH A PRIOR STRIKE CONVICTION FOR ROBBERY. Defendant found in bed with a 15 year old girl, by victim’s

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People v. Martinez-Luna

My client was charged with CHILD MOLESTATION. His two nieces accused my client of molesting them over a period of several years. He was charged with

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People V. Parada

Defendant charged with FELONY MURDER and DRIVING A STOLEN CAR. Defendant driving a stolen van with several others inside leads police on a high speed

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People V. Jarrett

Defendant was charged with POSSESSION OF NARCOTICS. Police arrest the defendant in his truck, the truck is searched and the cocaine is found under the

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People v. Tieu

The client was one of 16 alleged Vietnamese gang members charged with special circumstances murder for the benefit of a gang. Special circumstances is an

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